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North Central Perinatal Care

Kafui Demasio M.D.,M.P.H.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Subspecialist


Recognizing the importance of

a woman-centered reproductive experience inspires the creation of a unified front with every patient.

Together, we face the complexities of childbirth and we nurture life.  Our privilege is to educate and serve all communities by providing quality medical attention through sound medical advice and responsible diagnoses and treatment.

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Our Services

Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Patient Sitting

Pregnancy Loss Evaluation & Management

Miscarriage and stillbirth constitute loss to the family.  Consecutive, or recurrent pregnancy loss, is an abnormal condition and should be investigated even if it is just to assure that there isn't a problem.

Doctor and Patient

Consultative Services

There are medical, surgical, and physiologic conditions that when associated with pregnancy can increase a woman's risk and require individualized care.

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train

Diabetes Education & Management

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Cervical Incompetence (insufficiency)

For years, patients have depended on me to provide this valuable service. I offer this and other specialized options to anyone in need of a Obstetrician-Gynecologist they can trust. I’m 280 North Central Ave, and I’m dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and medical integrity with every single patient.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Fetal Surveillance

Through this and other services, I’ve cared for numerous patients throughout my career as a Obstetrician-Gynecologist. To me, nothing matters more than your health and comfort, which is why I’ve put in so much time and effort into advancing my medical practice and techniques. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.


Prenatal Diagnosis Genetic Counseling

Through a holistic approach to medicine, I try viewing each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. This is just one of many procedures I perform when coming up with any diagnosis. Your health deserves proper care and attention and I’m able to provide. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Family Planning

Family Planning Appointment

 North Central Perinatal Care offers personalized medical care for fast and trustworthy results. Get in touch to book your next Family Planning Appointment.

 Your health is our top priority. Contact us.

Please give a 24-hour notice to avoid the $75 appointment cancellation fee

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Hours of N.C.P.C. Operation

Monday & Thursday: 12pm-8pm
Wednesday & Friday: 9am - 5pm
Sat: Special appointments
Tuesday & Sun: Closed

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